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Finance & Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Finance & Accounting - Essay Example Wallace defines Tests of Reasonableness "as non-statistical models using operating or external data as well as financial data to predict an amount under examination" (Wallace, 1994, Section on Evaluating Analytical Procedures). As Wallace illustrates, Tests of Reasonableness include accounting and non-accounting variables in the model, with the aim of enhancing "the reliability of a test of reasonableness compared to single variable and financial ratio analysis." On the company's purchases, the going-rate for the exchange rate between UK and the import country source's respective currencies, multiplied by the average volume of clothing purchases, can be used to evaluate the reasonableness of the current month's purchases. For the company's sales, the average sales of a retail clothing company of similar size, multiplied by the company's average monthly sales volume, can be used to test the reasonableness of the current month's sales. Lastly, the average salary (including commission) of employees who work in similar industries (of the same size) in England, multiplied by the company's total number of employees, can be used to check the reasonableness of the company's wage expenses. Wallace explains that Financial Ratio Analysis "tend... of a retail clothing company of similar size, multiplied by the company's average monthly sales volume, can be used to test the reasonableness of the current month's sales. Lastly, the average salary (including commission) of employees who work in similar industries (of the same size) in England, multiplied by the company's total number of employees, can be used to check the reasonableness of the company's wage expenses. Financial Ratio Analysis Wallace explains that Financial Ratio Analysis "tends to be more effective than single-component procedures because it explicitly considers interrelationships among financial variables" (Wallace, 1994, Section on Evaluating Analytical Procedures). This approach entails comparing one entry in the financial statements versus another entry, to draw implications regarding the company's financial or operational state. For example, a low net income-to-sales or gross margin ratio can possibly suggest that the company is losing significant amounts of money in its operations, because its operating expenses cannot justify the sales and revenues that it is receiving. Comparing these ratios against industry benchmarks can suggest how well the company is faring, against the whole retail clothing industry. Moreover, the ratios 'days sales in receivables,' 'days sales in inventory,' and 'inventory turnover' can give an idea of the efficiency of its collection efforts on its receivables, as well as how fast it needs to replenish its inventory to keep up with periodic demands. Regression Analysis Regression Analysis "involves the creation of a model using operating and external data as well as financial data" (Wallace, 1994, Section on Evaluating Analytical Procedures). This type of analysis, however, is more precise than the basic

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Describe an activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Describe an activity - Essay Example h the questions that Cvitanic and Hoegerman (2013), Opinion Co-Editors of Daily Nexus, asked: â€Å"What can we learn [from these negative effects of our social activities]?† These beach cleanups made me realize that, apart from school activities, community experiences contribute to my development as a global, environmental citizen, if I both learn how to ask questions and to offer answers through personal and collective action. Community interactions, especially through voluntary experiences, help me become a global citizen because I ask action-oriented actions and offer solutions and contribute to collective action. Sexuality is not wrong, but leaving behind litter because of its expression is. After finding numerous used and unused condoms, I thought about how irresponsible these people must be to have sex so openly and yet not minding their trash. Paul and Elder (1999) underscored the importance of asking questions in teaching, learning, and thinking. They said: â€Å"Questions define tasks, express problems and delineate issues.† Many of those who litter in Isla Vista are not only community members, but also outsiders. My questions go to all of us who partake in these community events are: How should global citizens inject responsibility into the meaning of â€Å"partying† in modern society? How can be nurture thinkers who ask their accountability for their community actions? Because of t hese cleanups, I realized the role of thinking in being responsible global citizens who visit and attend different community affairs. Apart from asking questions, these volunteer experiences helped me offer personal solutions, while contributing to collective efforts. As I clean up, I reduce litter in the beach, and together with volunteers, we hopefully provide a model of good conduct to the community. These efforts contribute to my global citizenship by making me aware of my connection to others through our oneness in the community. Apart from global citizenship, I learned

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Kinematics analysis of data Essay Example for Free

Kinematics analysis of data Essay From the data we gathered on this experiment, the effects of the height of the track can greatly affect the acceleration of the cart. Base on the data on the table, the higher the height of the track will have higher acceleration and will lead to higher sinÃŽ ¸. From this, it implies that the higher the displacement of the track will lead to the higher acceleration of the cart. The reason why the cart will have higher acceleration to higher displacement is because of the continues gravitational pull to the cart without restriction to its track. Time and the inclination of the track are interrelated to each other. As for the higher the inclination of the track will lead to shorter time to takes the cart to goes down to the track. The time will become shorter because as for the higher the inclination of the track will also have higher acceleration which means the cart will become faster and that’s why it will takes shorter time to goes down to the track. The difference between the picket fence’s acceleration and the value of g is the value of the slope of a graph of average velocity versus time will be the acceleration due to gravity of the falling object. And also the value of g is the computed value for the free fall acceleration, while the picket fence’s acceleration is the value that gathered by manual experimentation for the free fall acceleration, that is also why the data on the g of table 2 and the data on table 3 have the similarities on the digits or values.

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The Connection between Writing and Technology :: Teaching Writing Education

The Connection between Writing and Technology There are times when an idea pops into your head and immediately you need to write it down or lose the thought forever. What is the first thing you grab? Probably a pen or pencil and then a piece of paper, or even the nearest keyboard. These technologies are so common, we don't even give them a second thought; they are just there. With almost every household owning a computer we even tend to take them for granted. Now imagine these writing technologies didn't exist and that Henry Thoreau's father didn't perfect the pencil, what would you grab then? This is what I set out to do; find a writing technology that isn't common today. At first, I thought about what our ancestors would have used and depending on how far back we go, this can range from a quill and ink to carving on stone. Looking around my house though, these things weren't easy to find. So, I searched thru the yard looking for anything that might resemble paper. I kept coming back to the leaves hanging on the catalpa tree. I first decided this had to be my paper. It was the closest thing to being flat and the leaves were large enough for my text. For my pen I tried many different tools. First, the obvious, I could use a stick. Then I decided to cut some of the needles off my pine tree and use them. With these I twisted them tight and then tied them with Cattail reeds from the pond. Just from the looks alone, I knew this had to be my pen. My ink was a challenge though. First, I tried to burn the tip of the "pen" in order to produce ash. I figured this would be easy and would work in the same manner as a pencil. After much burning, my porch smelled like a pine forest, but little ash was being produced. This led to another search of the yard and the discovery of my ink. I had found some wild grapes and knew this would be an easy substitute for ink. Once the grapes were crushed and the neighbor's questions answered, I preceded with my new technology experiment. By burning the tip of my "pen" I had formed a perfect point to write with. This was out of pure accident, but none the less a stroke of luck.

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Immigration to the United States Essay

What reasons motivate people to immigrate to the United States? We know that most newcomers leave behind poverty and unemployment in their homelands in search of better fortunes in America. However, research on this subject suggest that the causes of immigration are often more complex and numerous than most assume. The capacity of natural disasters, environmental crises, overpopulation, wars, and civil unrest to uproot and set in motion millions of people around the globe and refugee and asylum policies that extend relief to some non-citizens fleeing political, ethnic, religious, and gender persecution. This is but a short list of the different reasons to mass immigration to the United States today. Evaluating the causes of U.S. immigration can reveal a great deal about recent immigrants, their homelands, and America’s image abroad. Daniel Tichenor from the Rutgers University states in his essay U.S.A. Immigration, â€Å"The story of the American people is a story of immigration and diversity.† Each immigrant in this country has a different reason of why he or she came to the  United States. Throughout the years the reasons change for the new immigrants; according to the American Immigration Web Page, â€Å"from 1607-1830 the major reasons were political freedom, religious tolerance, economic opportunity, people wanting a better life, better job, more money and some were forced to leave because of slavery.† There are two types of motivation for immigration â€Å"push† and â€Å"pull† factors. According to Daniel Tichenor, push factor is â€Å"the need to leave in order to survive.† Push factor is the case of the people that was mentioned before, the people that have to leave their country for political freedom, religious tolerance, and the slavery. An example of this is the case of Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Senegal. â€Å"These countries involve men looking for a job education, and escaping from persecution, and over a period the process is followed by family reunification migration and family formation migration†Ã‚  (push and pull factors of International Migration web page). Pull factor is when the people are attracted for what they could have in other country, like economic opportunity, better opportunity of to get a career, they want a better life. It is the case of Mexico. When Mexicans immigrants came to the United States; they are looking for better economic life. The difference between the dollar and the peso (Mexican coin) is too much, one dollar in the actuality are around eleven pesos with fifty cents, so Mexican men came to the U.S.A. to get a job, and they usually send the money they earn to their families in Mexico. In some of the cases after a few years, they bring all their family to the U.S.A. for family reunification. In some cases people have both â€Å"pull† and â€Å"push† motivations to immigrate to the United States; it is the case of Cubans. Cubans come to the United States for political freedom, escaping from Fidel Castro, and looking for a better life and more economic opportunities. As we can see, both â€Å"pull† and â€Å"push† factors in most of the cases end with the same phrase â€Å"family reunification.† Everyone who goes to other country looking for freedom or a better life need more than that, they need a family who share all the good things with, but someone who wants to live in the United States needs a citizenship or at least a residency to do it. Some of the countries have more facilities than others to get the necessary documents to live in the U.S.A. For example, for Cuba it is easier than for other countries to get the residency. â€Å"Until 1985, there was no quota for Cubans entering the United States via normal immigration procedures as there was for other immigrant groups.† In the past, both documented and undocumented Cubans who came to the U.S.A. were welcome, â€Å"Cuban undocumented entrants have always had special status, while entrants from other countries have been required to demonstrate that they were fleeing political persecution to be granted refugee status.† It is known for all around the  world that Cuba has very strong political problems, and this is the reason of why they have this special status, since 1996 â€Å"the Attorney General has had discretionary power to guarantee permanent residency to any Cuban who has been in the United States for a year, including those on visitor’s visas who have overstayed the period delineated in their  visas.† (All quotes are from the Web Page, Cubans have a very strong sense of cultural identity.) For other countries it is more difficult to get the U.S.A. residency, for example the case of Mexico. In the past if a child had been born in the United States, the parents become U.S.A. citizens as same as the child. Over the years this rule changed, in the actuality there are just two ways to become a citizen for the Mexicans, the firs one is that you by yourself submit the application to the U.S.A. embassy, and wait until all the process is ready and they’ll call you for the interview, they the people who works in the embassy, check all your status, and if you cover all the requirements they will give you the U.S.A. residency. The second way is that someone of your family, and it has to be a parent or a brother, send to the embassy a request that say that they want you to be in the country, after this it is the same process than the first one, but you have more opportunity to be accept because one member of your family is requiring you to be in the country. Only after 5 yea rs you can apply for the citizenship. A problem that new generations could find is the lost of traditions. For example in the past, the children of immigrants learned English, but they didn’t learn their parents’ first language. But this problem could be resolve; recently, Americans have placed greater value on diversity, ethnic groups having renewing and celebrating their heritage, and the children of immigrants often growing up being bilingual. The United States has welcomed more immigrants than any other country, more than 50 million in all, and still admits between 500,000 to 1 million  persons a year. Although for some countries is too difficult to be legally in the United States, more  people want to come, and it is good for the country, because we need this people, they are the labors, the workers, important people. It is the people who make the difference in the country. Work Cited Page. Tichenor, Daniel J. U.S.A. Immigration, Rutgers University, February, 2000. (Immigration Web page.) NIDI/EUROSTAT. Push and pull Factor of International Migration, Eurostat. May, 2000 (Push and Pull factors web page.) Cubans have a very strong sense of cultural identity. Cuban Immigration to the United States. February 18, 2004 (Web Page of Cuban Immigration, the date shown is the last day the page was updated.)

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Learn About Scarab Beetles of the Family Scarabaeidae

Scarab beetles include the biggest insects in the world, in terms of sheer mass. Scarabs were revered in ancient Egypt as symbols of resurrection. More than just powerhouses, scarab beetles serve important roles in the habitats where they live. The family Scarabaeidae includes dung beetles, June beetles, rhinoceros beetles, chafers, and flower scarabs. What Are Scarab Beetles? Most scarab beetles are robust, convex insects with brown or black coloring. Whatever the coloration, size, or shape, scarabs share a key common feature: lamellate antennae that can be closed tightly. The last 3 to 7 segments of each antenna form plates that can be expanded like a fan or folded together into a club. Scarab beetle larvae, called grubs, are c-shaped and usually live in the ground, feeding on roots. The grubs have a distinctive head capsule, and easy to identify legs on the thorax. The family of scarab beetles falls into the following classifications: Kingdom - AnimaliaPhylum - ArthropodaClass - InsectaOrder - ColeopteraFamily - Scarabaeidae What Do Scarab Beetles Eat? Most scarab beetles feed on a  decomposing matter such as dung, fungi, or carrion. This makes them valuable in their environments as they are a bit like the cleanup crew or garbage haulers of the animal kingdom. Other scarab beetles visit plants, feeding on pollen or sap. Flower scarabs are important pollinators, for example. Larvae feed on plant roots, carrion, or dung, depending on the type of scarab. The Life Cycle of Scarabs Like all beetles, scarabs undergo complete metamorphosis with four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Scarab beetles generally lay their eggs in the ground, in dung, or in other decomposing materials including carrion. In many species, the larvae feed on plant roots, though some feed directly on dung or carrion. In areas with cold winter climates, grubs typically move deeper into the soil to survive freezing temperatures. They then emerge as adults in early summer. Special Adaptations and Defenses Some male scarabs, such as rhinoceros or Hercules beetles, bear horns on their head or pronotum (the hard dorsal plate covering the head-body junction). The horns are used to spar with other males over food or females. Dung beetles excavate burrows below manure piles, then mold the dung into capsules in which they lay their eggs. The mother cares for her developing young by keeping the dung ball free of mold or fungi. The June beetle (or June bug) feeds at night and is attracted to light, which is why theyre often seen on warm evenings in early summer. The female can lay up to 200 small pearl-like eggs and the larvae feed on plant roots for three years before emerging as adults. Some plant-eating scarabs such as the rose chafer are poisonous to chickens and other poultry who eat them. Range and Distribution Some 20,000 species of scarab beetles inhabit terrestrial habitats around the world. Well over 1,500 species of Scarabaeidae live in North America.

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Effects Of Steroid Hormones And Neuropeptides On Social...

Acephalia A Review of the Effects of Steroid Hormones and Neuropeptides on Social-Emotional Behavior Bos, Peter A., Panksepp, Jaak, Bluthà ©, Rose-Marie, van Honk, Jack (2011). Acute effects of steroid hormones and neuropeptides on human social–emotional behavior: A review of single administration studies. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 33 (2012) 17-35. 1. Introduction/Background Information The discovery of hormones and their function has been relatively recent. The term was first coined by Professor Earnest Starling in 1905. He derived the word from the Greek meaning â€Å"to arouse or excite.† However, the idea of the role hormones could be traced back as far as ancient Greece. Though Hippocrates’ theory on humors has been refuted, the†¦show more content†¦The neuro-developmental effects of these chemicals are comparatively well-known, while their impact on human conduct has yet to be fully comprehended. 2. Goals of the study The main goal of this study was to review all of the placebo-controlled single hormone administration studies addressing human social-emotional behavior, involving the peptides oxytocin and vasopressin, and the steroids testosterone and estradiol. This research gives insight into the underlying neural mechanisms and also demonstrates substantial hormonal control over human behavior. After reviewing and discussing the placebo-controlled studies, they proposed a theoretical model that synthesized detailed knowledge of neuroendocrinology of social-emotional behavior in animals, as-well-as the recently gained data on humans. The study of emotional and behavioral disorders have become more popular in the last twenty years. Characteristics of these irregularities include: learning disabilities that are not explainable by either sensory, health, or intellectual factors; persistently inappropriate feelings and conduct; and/or chronic unhappiness or depression (gadoe.or g). The authors of this study thoroughly analyzed the underlying neural mechanisms of supplemental hormones and how they affect participants as opposed to using a placebo. Research into human behavior as it relates to neuroendocrinology will be crucial to future generations and their interrelations. 3. Methods and